Week 1. Woah-

This has been the fastest and slowest week of my life. It doesn’t look or feel too much different here than from home which is disconcerting because it still feels like people will turn and speak English to me. My host family is really nice but I’m having some trouble fitting into their family dynamic. I think mostly it is because I don;t know German and therefore can’t really be a part of their jokes. I have mostly just been running errands and helping cook which is fun but gets a little boring because I try not to stay in my room for very long. Luckily though, tomorrow I will start school so I’ll have something to do. I also think I am going to play soccer and sing in the school choir which are both after school activities. I will also be going to Bremen (the big city right next to Osterholz-Scharmbeck) and taking language lessons with all the other exchange students so that will be fun. A lot of things here are really funny, I was watching some German tv show the other day and there was a promotion for a new show that was going to be on…and it was Shaft, dubbed in German by the most feminine man’s voice you’ve ever heard. Also, the Harlem shake has apparently just become a thing here, German radio stations only play really mainstream American pop, and in the main part of my town there are a bunch of people who do caricatures of people for 10 dollars or so but every single one of their sample pictures (which are prominently displayed, I might add) are not good. They make the person look super depressed, and maybe that’s the look that sells but it would not make me want to buy one. So yeah I’ll write tomorrow about school and I’ll be making a Vlog showing off my town soon! :)


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